Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Not About the Technology...

Here are some technical tips:
  • smooth (matte) surface
  • lighting (see section below)
  • distance from camera --> subject --> screen
  • placement in picture (framing)
Important Considerations:
  • purpose
  • audience
  • time (completion date/number of class periods)
  • student abilities/prior skillsets
  • CONTENT! (all else is in support of the content/idea/purpose...)
Educational Connections
  • oral reports (without ever having to stand in front of the class)
  • storytelling in first person
  • public speaking
  • PSAs (public service announcements)
  • podcasting enhancement/practice/alternative
  • daily news show
  • video yearbook
  • video portfolio
  • poetry
  • alternative assessment
  • ESL/SpED student differentiation
  • FUN!!!
More about lighting...

We could devote about an hour of a presentation discussing/illustrating (no pun intended) how critical lighting can be. Shadows are your enemy.
Mostly, you will have to consider how perfect an outcome you desire. The shorter the distance from subject to green screen the greater the possibility of having to use additional lighting. Soft lights from a low position on each side should work for you. You will just have to play around with the space/greenscreen/lights thing on your own (then you can email or call me...)
Do not fret - HAVE FUN WITH IT!